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General questions / Useful information.

What are 1.3G effect fireworks?

1.3G is the amount, type or grade of explosive within the firework in relation to their storage. Typically 1.3g effect fireworks have a louder bang and bigger bursts, but this isn’t always the case.

There are many different factors that come into determining what classification firework displays in Romford generally fall into, including but not limited to: Type of packaging, the size of the firework, type and even the amount of chemical compounds.

How do I remove the Pyromesh?

When you are unpacking your product, take extra care when fireworks are enclosed in a pyromesh cage. Make sure to wear sturdy gloves and use snips to remove the metal banding and cage, then please follow instructions on the label. If you’d like further safety information, it is available in our handy safety guide!

How do I get a coupon?

For coupon codes, we recommend following our twitter and facebook, we will put some up there every so often.

How do I use a coupon codes?

After you’ve added all your items to your cart, click the “View Cart” Button. At the bottom of your cart you’ll see a box where you can enter your coupon code!

When can I let off fireworks?

Well, you can let off fireworks shop UK any time of the year, but you MUST have the land owners permission and you can’t let them off between the hours of 11pm and 7am with the acceptation of the following dates:

November 5th (Guy Fawkes Night) which is midnight.
December 31st (New years eve) which is 1am.
Diwali which is 1am.
Chinese new year which again is 1am.

It’s sensible to also notify your neighbours if you have a fireworks shop online planned so that they can make arrangements for pets, the young or the elderly.